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Strong Security
All of your practice's care plan documents will be stored with bank-level encryption, and there will never be a question as to the history of interaction with any given care plan. Our system catalogs every signature, every document change, and every notification to ensure you have the proof you need to protect your practice against any claims.
HIPAA Compliant
Our system is 100% HIPAA compliant, so you can rest easy knowing that your practice is protected from any HIPAA complaints related to your care plans. More importantly, your patients can rest easy knowing that the only people who can see their sensitive personal information are you and your staff.
Cloud Syncing
There's no software to download and no back-up procedures to consider. All your signatures and documents can be downloaded any time, all from our cloud-based web-app that will run on any device, any browser and any operating system you prefer to use! Your documents will remain in sync and downloadable for as long as you remain a customer of ours.
Easy Starter Templates
We built our system to be used by anyone, regardless of your technological background. If you can write an email or draft a simple Word Document, you'll be more than comfortable using our system using our simple three-minute demonstration video. And we'll give you dozens of example pre/post-op forms to start with!
Just Three Easy Steps
Get 100% Setup For Real-World Use In Just 10 Minutes!
Add A Patient

To try out the system for the first time, you only have to create one patient. The process is very intuitive and our alerts guide you through the process, but if you're into the details, you can always watch our helpful video demonstration.

Choose A Template

Our system allows you to store an infinite number of care plan templates so you can repeat all your most common procedures across patients as many times as you need. Whether it's an Informed Consent or Post Op Care Plan document, you'll always have the agreements you need ready to go at a moment's notice.

Send A Care Plan

You determine whether a document requires a simple acknowledgment or a signature. Regardless of which option you choose, the patient can fill it out on your device in-office or on their own device, whatever works best in the current situation! And, of course, all records are permanently and securely stored for your/their convenience.

Need More Support?

We'll be happy to help demonstrate the system to you in a 1-on-1 call with one of our setup experts. Just click the button below to get a meeting scheduled whenver it's most convenient for you and your practice.

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